Brands and nostalgia

by Martyn Grayer

Brands and nostalgia

As part of our 'day job' we keep a close eye on trends; absolutely essential but also fascinating as we mystery shop retail and leisure organisations as well as keeping an eye on the large media players across all sectors.

This year there has been a real attempt by many companies to dig deep into nostalgia to offer a proposition of quality and proven strength.

There has been some notable campaigns that have sought to use this platform with continued use of typography that appears more hand drawn with more freedom.

Coke do it every year with 'Holidays are coming', Virgin Atlantic through different campaigns have projected the classic image of the early years of long distance flights from the service to the uniforms all deeply nostalgic. Butlin's have now dug deep into their history and all customer communication has a look and a proposition that is firmly based upon the 1950's.

Maybe it's because we all have a rosy view of the past in recessionary times!